Telltale Games is Being Sued by its Co-Founder


Telltale Games is well-known for the tough choices they weave into their stories, but it's a very real dilemma that currently faces the company. Telltale's co-founder and former head Kevin Bruner is in the process of suing the studio, claiming a breach of contractual obligations following his removal as CEO.

Telltale has had a number of successful games that offer a narrative set in popular existing franchises like The Walking DeadGame of Thrones, and Borderlands with a focus on story and player choice. Most recently, the studio have partnered with Netflix to develop a Stranger Things title - a move that has been met with excitement from fans of Telltale and the series alike.

The trouble for Bruner began in February 2015 when Lionsgate bought Telltale Games and allegedly moved to replace him with an outside CEO. Remaining a member of the board, Bruner attempted to sell his holdings in Telltale Games' stock, at which point he claims he was cut off from vital information he needed to complete the transaction.

“The net effect of Bruner’s alleged removal from the board of directors," claims the lawsuit, "was that Bruner was deprived of relevant insight into the management and financial state of Telltale and the value of its shares.” Granting access to such information was a contractual obligation for Telltale, and so further examination of the events that transpired has begun.

Telltale's lawyers were quick to dismiss the validity of the claims, branding them as "meritless" and "an apparent means of extracting revenge on a company already under financial strain.” It certainly has been a rough year for Telltale, who not too long ago laid off over a quarter of its workforce with plans to focus on fewer games.

The amount of financial damage claimed by Bruner is unknown on account of both parties successfully filing to redact that information, but whatever the sum, it seems that the lawsuit will move forward after Telltale's attempt to defeat the claim was rejected. Fans of the studio will simply have to hope that the imminent release of The Walking Dead's final season will not be delayed by the lawsuit.


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