Telltale Games Making 'Law & Order: LA' Playable

Telltale Games Announces Law & Order: LA Game

Ever watch any of the numerous incarnations of Law & Order and thought to yourself, "Hey, I wish that was a video game?" There have been a few L&O games here and there that weren't exactly groundbreaking, but now Telltale Games is taking the reins and bringing the criminal justice system to life, at least for Law & Order: LA.

The L&O:LA game will allow players to take on different cases with emphasis on the criminal investigation and interrogation aspects as seen on the show. Not only that, but it will allow players to also conduct prosecution in the courtroom. As with most Telltale created games, dialog and NPC interaction will be the forefront for each episode.

No word yet on whether or not any of the many celebrities appearing on L&O:LA will be lending their voice talents to the game, but it's always cool to see Terrence Howard or Alfred Molina yell at people (in-game or not). In addition, no release date or targeted consoles have been announced.

Telltale Games has been very busy with the many projects they have planned in the works. Outside of the upcoming Law & Order game, a remake of the popular King's Quest series is also coming, a Jurassic Park title with QTE controls, and yet-to-be announced Walking Dead game are also planned.

The adventure genre is far from dead and Telltale knows it, doing what they can to revitalize it. The Sam & Max, Back to the Future, and Monkey Island games have been very well-received and the episodic releases of Telltale will be very complimenting to the L&O:LA game and we can't wait.

Some can speculate the L&O:LA game will be coming to consoles, following suit of the Jurassic Park game. Although, if the game was limited to PC release, it would still have plenty of fans occupying their time with it.

Law & Order: LA will be coming later in 2011 for the PC, and possibly Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.


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Source: Joystiq

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