Over the weekend, we learned that Telltale is working on a sequel to Minecraft: Story Mode. Now, there’s word that the studio is also developing another one of its episodic adaptations, taking on one of the biggest franchises in the history of cinema — international super spy James Bond.

In the wake of confirmation that Minecraft: Story Mode season two was in the works, a Twitter user known as @AnEvilHag decided to leak some more information regarding Telltale’s future plans. Images purportedly from a company survey were posted, which featured art and imagery from upcoming, unannounced projects.

Minecraft: Story Mode season two was present, as was a second season of Tales from the Borderlands. There was also one completely new series, entitled Solstice, which was represented by a logo incorporating the classic 007 symbol that has served as a shorthand for James Bond for decades.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Solstice is in active development, or pre-production. It’s entirely possible that Telltale is using this survey to scope out possible future projects, with its James Bond adaptation being an interesting concept that might not come to pass.

However, it’s difficult to deny the appeal of a game that transplants the character of 007 to the kind of gameplay that Telltale specializes in — and we know that the studio is interested in the property. We’ve seen plenty of Bond games focus on shooting and driving, but an episodic adventure game could put the spotlight on the other elements of being a secret agent, like using outlandish gadgets to outwit the enemy.

It will certainly be interesting to see whether or not Solstice makes an appearance at E3 2017 when it gets underway in just a few days. Telltale certainly has no shortage of projects on its plate, with Guardians of the Galaxy currently ongoing, and a new season of Game of Thrones yet to come — but when it comes to this particular studio, there always seems to be room for more.

A potential James Bond title from Telltale Games could be on the way.

Source: AnEvilHag – Twitter, NeoGAF