When Telltale Games announced that they would be bringing Fables, an adaptation of the Vertigo graphic novel series to gamers everywhere, it was hard to know what to expect. That was before The Walking Dead made the studio one of the most impressive in the realm of video game writing, not to mention undisputed masters of episodic releases.

Yet despite that success, there have still been no substantial announcements on what the studio has planned for Bill Willingham’s comic series. If a cryptic tweet from Telltale’s Twitter account is any indication, that may be about to change.

To get a full sense of just how much time has passed without any update, we have to go all the way back to E3 2011, where the studio’s Jurassic Park adaptation was on display. While dinosaurs were the main attraction, the developer did adorn their booth with a poster for their upcoming King’s Quest reboot, although they weren’t speaking on specifics (since that project doesn’t seem to be progressing, we no know why).

Telltale Games Fables Tease

But what stood out more to this comic book fan was the poster featuring little more than the title ‘Fables’ and a looming silhouette of a werewolf. So, it was assumed that Telltale would be focusing on the fairy tale graphic novel’s Bigby (a.k.a.’The Big Bad Wolf); given the studio’s experience with the likes of Puzzle Agent, building an adventure game around the sheriff of Fabletown made sense.

Cue almost two years of silence, and The Walking Dead taking over the company’s public portfolio (with good reason). Until this tweet was sent out from the studio’s Twitter account:

Cryptic to say the least, but a long time coming to us. All this after Willingham teased that Telltale would be making an appearance at the ‘Fabletown and Beyond’ convention taking place this week:

Unless Telltale Games is preparing to announce and adaptation of Allen Ginsberg’s life, we’d bet that an update on Fables is imminent. The only question remains: just how much progress has the studio made, and how big an influence will The Walking Dead‘s success have? The developers are certainly not the type to twist other games to capitalize on another’s success, but there’s no reason the art style or advertising couldn’t be tied into their most successful game ever.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon, but for now, we’d recommend comic book fans keep their howling to a minimum.

What do you hope to see from a Fables adventure game? A slow, fantastic detective story, or something a bit different? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: Telltale Games, Bill Willingham (via IGN)