Telltale's Batman Episode 4 Trailer and Release Date

Telltale Batman Episode 4 Trailer

Telltale Games shows off the trailer for the fourth episode of Batman - The Telltale Series, which shows Bruce Wayne in a precarious situation and introduces a largely expected villain.

The penultimate episode of Batman - The Telltale Series is now in firm view thanks to a brand new trailer from Telltale Games. The studio is running right on schedule with the fourth episode, which was just revealed to be arriving on November 22 across all platforms. This means that the gap between the third and fourth episode of Batman comes in at just under a month, the smallest wait fans of the series have had yet.

The trailer should only be watched by those who've played through the third episode of the series, since it picks up right where that episode left off. Without further ado, interested fans of the caped crusader can take a look at the trailer below:


Telltale Games warns that players will finish episode 4 in "very different places depending on where they choose to go in the third act", which will supposedly have a significant impact on how the season finale will begin - and end - for all players. It's no secret that Telltale Games can craft a heartbreaking season finale, so those who make it through being caged in with the Joker and other delectable companions at Arkham Asylum will be in for a fun ride towards the finish line.

In Game Rant's Batman review, we noted that Telltale Games forced players to make in the series premiere, and fans have evidently been enjoying the next few episodes which followed. Batman is just one of many highly-rated IPs from the studio, fitting in comfortably alongside games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Game of Thrones. Seeing as how successful those similarly-formatted games have been, it's unlikely the studio will change its successful gameplay style anytime soon.

As most fans are aware, well-known voice actor Troy Baker lends his voice to Batman/Bruce Wayne in Telltale's rendition of Batman. Given that the above trailer introduced The Joker into the fray, it means Baker's character will be facing off against a role he's actually played before in Batman: Arkham Origins. Meanwhile, Laura Bailey dons the role of Catwoman/Selina Kyle, and fans who have played other Telltale titles will also hear a familiar voice in Dave Fennoy, who played Lee Everett in The Walking Dead, and takes on the role of Lucious Fox in Batman.

Will you be taking a trip to Arkham Asylum in the fourth episode, Ranters?

Batman - The Telltale Series' fourth episode will launch on November 22 for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, iOs, and Android.

Source: Telltale Games

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