Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Coming To Japan, No Word on Console Release

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The Tekken series has always been a fan-favorite, giving me my first exposure to good 3D fighting. When Tekken Tag Tournament released, it gave me a peek at more hectic and fun matches, so why wouldn't Namco-Bandai release Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

That's right, there will finally be a sequel to the 2-on-2 fighting game after eleven years. A trailer announcing the release of the title in 2011 in Japan (with other regions TBD, meaning America) was shown at this year's Tokyo Game Show, no doubt to a roar of applause.

The tag system has been upgraded a tiny bit, utilizing your partner in an assist manner, as well as tagging them in to create long juggles that will help you embarrass your opponent. Your partner can give you a little extra height on your starting juggle, chain a throw, or just continue pummeling your opponent into submission.


The game looks impressive and looks to be operating on the Tekken 6 engine. No word yet on the roster of fighters, but I would assume it would be all 43 Tekken fighters, so those Mokujin/Steve team-ups can finally occur! Just kidding, nobody uses Mokujin.

Tekken will be playing this game a lot more than the also announced (no release date yet) Street Fighter x Tekken game and its Tekken x Street Fighter counterpart. Why? Because fighting game fans are very loyal and as much as they would want to play a Ryu versus Paul match-up, the prospect of reviving the TTT series is too great to pass up. I'm definitely no good at any Tekken title, but I would love to give the Tournament sequel a shot, simply because it's been a long enough wait. The problem is just waiting for it to come to America.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be releasing in Japan arcades in 2011, other regions releases are TBD.

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