It’s been a long time since gamers received a true Tekken game. Not since 2009 with Tekken 6 have we seen Jin Kazama or Kazuya Mishima battle it out on our consoles. Three years later, Namco Bandai have released the first official trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s console debut.

Featuring more than 50 playable characters, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 looks to shake off the cobwebs that have collected on the series with extended killer team combos and fast paced action. The game has been out in Japan arcades since September 2011, but this trailer is the first visual announcement of a console release.

Tekken Tag Tournement 2 will host brand new battle stages, updated fighting arsenals, one-on-one and one-on-two skirmishes, online multiplayer, and more. Watch the trailer below for some awesome cinematic visuals and fun gameplay footage to the beats of Will Smith:


This trailer is not the only news that Namco Bandai released this week about the game. Producer of the Tekken series, Katsushiro Harada announced that due to the controversy over Street Fighter X Tekken‘s DLC disc uproar that all content will be up-front and available for free to gamers.

Tekken’s never really done that before and charged for it, however we did have an [unlock] system in Tekken one to five. The character locks were like that – we never took money for it but the concept itself was there. I think really the players’ opinions and the heated discussion is whether you charge for it or not.”

Capcom has acknowledged the miscommunication regarding the on-disc DLC for SFXT, but what kind of damage has been done to the Tekken franchise thanks to Capcom?

Starting off with no paid-for characters is a plus, and continuing efforts to please audiences, anyone who pre-orders Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will gain early access to a handful of characters – this will be for a limited time only before the content is released to everyone for free. Although the characters will not be DLC, that doesn’t mean Namco Bandai won’t put up DLCs eventually.

Ranters, are you ready for a new Tekken game?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 come this September 2012.

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Source: Eurogamer and EventHubs