Tekken 7 Trailer Hints at Story


Bandai Namco officially releases a brand new gameplay trailer for its forthcoming fighting game Tekken 7, which hints at aspects of the title's story.

With Tekken 7's early 2017 release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One not as far off as it may seem, Bandai Namco has been getting fans of the fighting franchise prepared for the seventh installment's transition from arcades to home-based gaming as best as it can by giving them plenty of action to feast on by way of various gameplay trailers. Now, interestingly enough, the company's latest piece of footage for the title not only offers lots of glimpses at one-on-one brawling, but also in-game cinematics that provide cryptic hints as to how Tekken 7's story will play out.

As seen in the latest trailer for Tekken 7 below, fans are given looks at confirmed characters such as Heihachi and Akuma duking it out between one another during a frenzied cutscene, while fighters like Nina Williams get prepared for battle in their own ways. Not to mention, if the newest bit of footage is any indication of how the game's story mode exists, it's quite possible that Kazuya Mishima will have an Infinity Gem-like object being lodged into his forehead, catalyzing his Devil Gene into action in order wreak utter havoc on the universe.


As mentioned previously, this is far from Tekken 7 fans' first look at the game, for not only has it been a mainstay in Japanese arcades for nearly a year and a half at this point, but also Bandai Namco has been promoting it relentlessly in the press. For instance, the publisher just recently put out a trailer confirming the addition of Tekken 6 fan-favorite Miguel Caballero Rojo to the ever-expanding roster of playable characters, and will it undoubtedly continue to incorporate more figures into the game up until its launch on PC and consoles.

Speaking of Tekken 7 making the leap from arcades to current generation systems, the game's director Katsuhiro Harada recently declared that it may not have cross-platform play due to "first-party company policies and potential security risks" as well as the "the community perceived reputation of PC gamers being cheaters." Nevertheless, Harada and the entire team behind Tekken 7 haven't ruled out including the feature just yet, but it would be best for fans to not hold their breath.


Circling back to the notion of Tekken 7's narrative, there's really no telling exactly how the title's story is going to operate. As evidenced by plenty of other fighting games in the past – particularly long-running IPs like Street Fighter and Soul Calibur – the main plot is rarely the most important part of the overall product, and often seems like an afterthought due to the necessity of solid combat mechanics being developers' primary focus.

So, bearing all of this in mind, no matter how Tekken 7 furthers the franchise's wildly convoluted story, it's safe to presume that most fans will be more concerned about whether or not the actual fighting aspect of the game is enjoyable. Of course, that isn't to say story isn't important, especially when one considers the sizable amount of gamers who are of the opinion that all video games need single-player campaigns.

Tekken 7 is set to release sometime in early 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameNewsOfficial – YouTube

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