Weekly Video Game Round-Up: 'Tekken 7' Secret Characters, 'Goat Simulator' & More

Battlefield Hardline 720p Resolution on Xbox One

It was an exciting week for Battlefield fans. After being delayed last fall, Battlefield Hardline launched on Tuesday to decent reviews from both critics and players. Mortal Kombat fans also had something to celebrate when NetherRealm Studios revealed that Predator will be making an appearance in Mortal Kombat X.

Halo fans received a little teaser this week in the form of a countdown timer that ends tomorrow at 9 PM EDT. While there’s no official word about what to expect when the timer ends, the webpage also features a bullet with the word “traitor” on it. We’re excited to see what this means for Halo 5: Guardians.

In addition to these stories, below are a few stories from the week on State of Decay: Year One Edition, Tekken 7, Goat Simulator and others.


'State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition' Debut Trailer


As many Xbox One owners are aware, the popular Xbox 360 zombie survival game, State of Decay, is making its way to the newest Microsoft console. In preparation for its release next month, developer Undead Labs revealed a new trailer showing off the features in the updated title. The game will be playable in 1080p and will include the game’s two current DLCs.

Undead Labs is no doubt hoping to feed off the success of Dying Light, Techland’s most recent zombie-themed game that found strong support and success among gamers. At the moment, the zombie genre is still going strong, which should mean strong sales for State of Decay; that is, as long as no genitalia pops up in the game.


'Tekken 7' Characters Revealed via Datamining

Tekken 7 Jin

When it comes to upcoming games and DLCs, gamers are often anxious for the next round of news. Sometimes, those gamers don’t want to wait for a developer or publisher to release the information and instead opt to find it themselves. That was the case this week when gamers discovered new characters for Tekken 7 using a little bit of datamining.

The new characters include Devil Jin and Jin Kazama, both of whom are well known characters from past Tekken games. The dataminers also discovered two unnamed new characters for the game. Tekken 7 launched on Xbox One this last month to very little attention. Despite that, we’re sure those playing the game will be excited for the additional fighters.

Source: NeoGAF


'Goat Simulator' Coming to Xbox in April


According to Microsoft, the unexplicably popular Goat Simulator is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 in April. Microsoft has yet to release any details beyond the initial announcement, but with April just a couple weeks away, we’re sure to get more information soon. We wouldn’t be surprised if the game releases on its one-year anniversary, April 1.

After its release last year, Goat Simulator has found huge success among serious and casual gamers alike. Originally released as a joke, the game doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. Hopefully, developer Coffee Stain Studios will be “nice” to Xbox gamers and include the game’s MMO expansion with the release.

Source: Xbox


Details Revealed about Cancelled Title 'Shadow Realms'


Last month, developer BioWare announced that it had cancelled its 4v1 RPG game, Shadow Realms. The title, which was set to follow a similar play style as Evolve, was cancelled so the studio could focus its attention on other games, including Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

After the struggles Evolve has had to endure since its release, Shadow Realms’ cancellation may turn out to be a positive move for BioWare. We’ll never know how successful the game could have been, but hopefully the cancellation means exciting new DLC for Inquisition and strong support for Old Republic.

Source: ProjectFalconPunch


'Resident Evil Revelations 2' Getting Online Raid Mode This Month

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 Barry

Capcom announced this week that Resident Evil Revelations 2’s online co-op Raid mode will be coming March 31st. The new raid mode will be available shortly after the game’s fourth and final episode is released.

Revelation 2’s episode setup and gameplay lend themselves well to a co-op feature. We’ll be interested to see if other episodic games, especially those from developer Telltale Games, follow suit and start offering online co-op in their titles.

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