Tekken 7 Tournament Players Say Resolution Lag is Hurting Competition


This weekend, pro players have been putting Tekken 7 through its paces in competitive play at the Combo Breaker 2017 event in Illinois. At the end of a hard-fought match that took place yesterday, one competitor called out the game's resolution as a contributing factor to his eventual loss.

KoDee, playing as Kazuya, has just suffered a perfect defeat to Tanukana, who was playing as Xiaoyu. After the match was complete, KoDee checked the resolution that Tekken 7 was being presented in by the PlayStation 4 and made a change ahead of the second set.

Some high-level Tekken 7 players hold the opinion that the game performs better at 720p than at 900p or 1080p. KoDee seems to count himself among this number — but in the end, he was beaten in the second set too, even though he did manage to claw back one round against the dominant Tanukana.

It should be noted that KoDee followed up on the situation via Twitter after the day's matches, stating that he doesn't blame the resolution for his loss. However, he did also mention that at least five other players at the event complained about lag caused by attempts to run the game at higher resolutions.

It's easy to write off KoDee's criticism of the game's resolution as sour grapes - emotions are always going to run high at a competitive event like Combo Breaker. That said, if multiple players had the same complaint, there might be some substance to the issues being reported.

The fact that Tekken 7 is being played at tournaments ahead of its official release implies that Namco is eager to foster a competitive scene, and those attempts could easily fall flat if lag impedes high-level play. The game's performance at various resolutions will certainly come under scrutiny when it launches on consoles and PC this coming week.

Tekken 7 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 2, 2017.

Source: Kotaku

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