Tekken 7 DLC Characters Lei Wulong, Anna Get Release Dates

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Bandai Namco has announced the beginning of Tekken 7's second season, which will kick off with the launch of a pair of new characters.

The new fighters are named Anna and Lei Wulong, and they're going to be hitting Tekken 7 as paid DLC on September 6th. Both of them are longstanding veterans of the franchise, with Anna's first appearance being in original Tekken game, and Lei Wulong showing up in Tekken 2.

Anna is a classic femme fatale character, hitting Tekken 7 with all of the practicality of an intricate black dress. Technically speaking, she's being considered "DLC 4." If the Japanese price of 500 yen is anything to go by, it looks like she'll be launching with a USD price of $5.

Lei Wulong, another veteran of the franchise, will be bringing the iconic Drunken Fist technique to Tekken 7 when season 2 rears its head in September. Just like Anna, it looks like American fans are going to be paying a cool $5 to add Lei Wulong to their roster when he gets released.

So far, Lei Wulong and Anna are joining Negan from The Walking Dead as three characters that are joining Tekken 7's roster in season 2. There seems to be three more characters that will be joining the game before the season is over, so fans should keep an eye out for any further announcements in the near future.

Coming to the game at the peak of its successTekken 7's second season will be adding a few other things, on top of the new set of characters for fans to try out. Some considerable balance changes are going to be arriving to the game, and a new "wall bounce" will shake up some gameplay styles by letting players knock their opponents against walls, setting up combos by forcibly re-positioning enemy fighters. These changes will also be launching on September 6th, with the launch of the season.

Tekken 7 is available now in Arcades and on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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