It’s been an exciting weekend for fighting game fans, thanks entirely to the competitive spectacle that is EVO. This year’s take on the fighting game tournament has provided a handful of big reveals for followers of several different titles – with Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite in particular showcasing some new characters – but the newly released Tekken 7 wasn’t left out in the cold either. Far from it in fact, as a brand new downloadable fighter originally hailing from SNK’s Fatal Fury was revealed during the event.

The newest challenger is none other than the villainous Geese Howard, which some gamers will recognize from the aforementioned SNK fighting game series. He’ll be joining Street Fighter‘s Akuma as the second guest character in winter 2017, which further builds on the apparent theme of Tekken 7 including notorious baddies from other fight franchises.

Those eager to see Geese square off against some of Tekken 7‘s finest can do so below.

Gamers have been wondering what other guest characters may be joining the fray in Tekken 7 as add-on content, although it’s safe to say that many likely didn’t expect to see a Fatal Fury representative make the cut. Even then, it looks as if Geese will fit in nicely with the current roster – all while appeasing SNK aficionados.

Having crossover characters appear in fighting games has become a pretty common practice, with entire franchises being built around just such a premise. Given the excitement that accompanies major character cameos (i.e. Sub-Zero appearing in Injustice 2), there’s little indication that it’ll stop. Admittedly, Geese may be lesser known amongst general consumers than other candidates, but that’s unlikely to impede on the anticipation of a new combatant.

Tekken 7 is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.