Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment America has officially confirmed the veracity of a previous leak of photos related to the next character making their way into Tekken 7, by releasing a brand new trailer that reveals none other than the likes of Eddy Gordo being added to the the fighting game’s roster of characters. Much like Eddy’s previous appearances in the franchise, the Tekken 7 character wields his own powerful style of Brazilian Capoeira, which combines the rhythms of dance, acrobatics, and music into a potent form of martial artistry.

As seen below in the trailer courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment America, Eddy Gordo makes quick work of his competition in Tekken 7, as his fleet-footed fighting style allows him to continuously chain together attacks in a nearly endless stream of combos. Suffice it to say, his opponent in the new trailer, Hwoarang, didn’t stand a chance as soon as Eddy rolled onto the scene.

As far as the story details are concerned regarding Eddy Gordo’s return to the battle in Tekken 7, it is his connection to the Mishima Zaibatsu – that is, the main sponsor of The King of Iron Fist Tournaments in the game – that has led him back to fighting. As it happens, it all began when he pleaded with Jin Kazama for help to treat a grave illness that is afflicting his Capoeira master.

However, in return for the treatment, Eddy is now at the whim of Jin’s authority, with Kazama able to command Eddy to use his deadly skills to further an agenda that’s not his own. Even more unfortunately for Eddy, not even the Mishima Zaibatsu’s technology could save his Capoeira master, which causes him to swear an oath of vengeance against the giant multinational conglomerate led by Kazuya Mishima.

Of course, with Tekken 7 having been announced a few years ago during EVO 2014, the roster is already chock full of fighters, so Eddy will have plenty of competition to keep him busy. For instance, he will have the chance to take on such series favorites as Miguel Caballero Rojo and Nina Williams. Not to mention, fans will also be able to pit their characters of choice against one of the Street Fighter franchise’s main villains, with Akuma having become a playable character a while back, as evidenced in a Tekken 7: Fated Retribution gameplay trailer. Taking all of this into consideration, Tekken 7 fans are surely going to be excited once the arcade title finally makes its way on to PC and consoles after its release date arrives this summer.

Tekken 7 is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 2, 2017.