Tekken 7 Will Include More DLC Guest Characters Like Akuma

Street Fighter 5: Akuma is Joining the Roster - Tekken 7 Akuma

Bandai Namco managed to turn a lot of heads last year when it revealed that longtime Street Fighter villain, Akuma, was joining the roster for its upcoming game, Tekken 7. What made the announcement even more shocking was the fact that, at the time, Akuma wasn't even in his own game, Street Fighter V. It looks like Akuma won't be the only non-Tekken character to join the roster as Bandai Namco confirms that two additional guest characters from other games are joining the roster as downloadable content.

While the company didn't reveal which two additional characters were being added to the Tekken 7 roster, the press release provides a rough outline as to what sort of content players will be seeing added to the game throughout the next year. The first batch of DLC arrives this summer, bringing with it a new and unannounced game mode, along with over 50 new costumes to change the appearance of the various fighters.


Things start to heat up later in the year as the first and second DLC packs finally introduce two new exclusive playable guest characters from other IPs. The first is slated to arrive sometime in the Winter of 2017 while character two has a Spring 2018 launch date. Each DLC item can be purchased individually, or acquired as a bundle with the season pass. Players who opt for the pass also unlock 35 exclusive metallic costumes as well.

Lastly, character panels, which let players customize the image that displays for their character such as Eddy Gordo during the loading screen, are also coming as a free update to players on all platforms at an unannounced time in the future. This update is a collaboration between various worldwide artists and Namco Bandai.

To further entice fans for a pre-order, a day one edition of Tekken 7 was announced earlier this year unlocking Tekken 6 for Xbox One users, and legacy costumes and a Jukebox mode for PlayStation 4 owners. The real bonus for day one owners is the supernatural and immortal vampire Eliza, who becomes unlocked and a fully playable fighter.

What fighters do you think will be joining the roster? Feel free to speculate below in the comments.

Tekken 7 launches on June 2, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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