Report: Tekken 7 Looks Better, Plays Better on PS4

tekken 7 better ps4 report

Standing tall as one of the fighting genre's most beloved series, Bandai Namco's Tekken franchise has once again produced a title in Tekken 7 that has enthralled players seeking a new competitive outlet. In fact, Tekken 7 has already made a competitive splash, although part of that coverage has stemmed from a vocal minority of pros accusing the title of producing game-altering lag spikes at certain moments. While those complaints haven't been fully addressed as of yet - the tournament that produced them took place before Tekken 7 even released - it appears that a recent report could offer a solution for tournament organizers while also helping more casual players choose their respective Tekken 7 platforms.

The research, conducted by Eurogamer, suggests that the PS4, and especially its Pro counterpart, are visually superior to Microsoft's Xbox One console on a noticeable level. In fact, the Xbox One has been reported as featuring massive cutbacks that significantly alter the way the console is able to process the resolution on Tekken 7. Ultimately, this means that Sony's consoles are the better choice for gamers concerned with how Tekken 7 will look on their television screens, although the caveat is that the PC version will obviously be superior to both consoles, as usual.

The most interesting facet of the report, however, stems from the massive discrepancies between consoles when it comes to casual and competitive Tekken 7 fans. Although it is still early in Tekken 7's launch period, the report asserts that the Xbox One loads significantly slower, loading maps almost twice as slow as the PS4, with the PS4 clocking in around 21 seconds while the Xbox One is closer to 40. That might not matter for tournament play, but those seconds add up for casual players looking to get in a handful of games whenever they have the time.

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Strangely enough, though, the Xbox One appears to be the superior choice for Tekken 7 tournament play, which could corroborate what players were complaining about at the pre-launch tournament last month. Many of Tekken 7's new features rely on improved visuals, but those could be an issue when it comes to input lag - apparently, the Xbox One is essentially one frame faster in terms of input, which makes a dramatic difference at the highest level of play.

The actual report is quite lengthy, and is definitely worth a read for fans heavily invested in the future of Tekken 7. Ultimately, the game is very playable on all of the platforms it has been launched on, although it will be interesting to see what becomes the de facto tournament platform of choice once more analysis has been done on potential input lag spikes on the console variants.

Tekken 7 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Eurogamer

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