Tecmo Koei Hoping To Sell Over 1 Million Copies Of ‘Hyrule Warriors’

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In an interactive medium such as video games, it’s not unusual to see the intermingling of franchises. While some immediately come across as a match made in heaven, others are more baffling than requested. One of those intriguing unions is the upcoming collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei for Hyrule Warriors, a combination of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors.

Drawing upon two household gaming names — one more so in Japan — Hyrule Warriors diverges from traditional Legend of Zelda fare. Rather than placing a focus on exploration and puzzle solving, this title will instead portray the battles of Hyrule on an epic scale in the same vein as the long-running Dynasty Warriors franchise. Despite the initial oddity that the game may be, Tecmo Koei is hoping that these two fan bases will successfully mesh, allowing the game to exceed 1 million copies sold worldwide.

This comes following an interview with Nikkei Trendy in which Tecmo Koei president Yoichi Erikawa spoke about the company’s plans for the coming fiscal year. The company will be focusing much of their effort into developing their IPs both new and old and opening them up to new audiences. It sees other mediums like comics, movies, television and novels as a means of reaching an expanded user base, and it’s this expansion in part that lead to the creation of Hyrule Warriors.

“In gaming, this is a first-time collaboration. As a new entry in the Warriors series, we plan to release the game Hyrule Warriors in collaboration with Nintendo in the summer of this year. In addition to our Warriors series fan base, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda is also a very popular series with a large fan base, and I think it will become a great new market. Because of The Legend of Zelda’s legion of fans overseas, we are aiming to sell more than one million copies worldwide.”

Given the recent pairing of Sonic and Link in Sonic Lost World, this is hardly the first time that the Zelda franchise has ventured outside of its comfort zone. Whereas the aforementioned appearance was strictly for DLC purposes though, Tecmo Koei’s upcoming game is meant to be a full-featured title. Even if it is decided that the game will reside outside of the official Zelda timeline, there’s an evident risk in diverging from Link’s mainline heroics.

Hyrule Warriors 1 Million Sales Spin Attack

It’s impossible to gauge the success of Hyrule Warriors in its current state though. Little is known about the title outside of its basic premise and given the pedigree of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, there are sure to be a wealth of playable characters. While Nintendo intends to take the series’ mainline titles in a more non-linear direction, gamers will most likely have Tecmo Koei’s addition to the franchise to look forward to in the coming months.

What characters from The Legend of Zelda would you most like to play as in Hyrule Warriors? Do you think this title will manage to retain the inherent charm of Nintendo’s popular franchise?


Hyrule Warriors is expected to release in the summer of 2014.

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