‘Tecmo Bowl 2015’ & Madden GIFerator Arrive in Time for NFL Season

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The NFL season is just minutes away from kicking off, which means it’s time for some strategically placed tie-ins. Obviously, Madden NFL 15 has already released (read our review), but that doesn’t mean that EA Sports can’t throw a little extra love toward this year’s upcoming season.

However, when we say love we don’t mean love in the traditional sense. Rather, EA Sports‘ latest creation is more of a trash talk generator, fueled by some silly Madden NFL Gifs.

Essentially, the tool lets players create a GIF using any number of Madden player animations, some really goofy backgrounds, and text of their choosing. Some can be used to share enthusiasm for a fellow team, like the Super Bowl winning Seahawks, but most will be using these GIFs for trash talk. And we’re okay with that.

There are some obvious limitations to the Madden GIFerator (yes, that’s its name), but it’s surprisingly fun. Check out my GIF below:

Madden GIFerator

Right alongside Madden‘s GIFerator, we bring even more football news in the form of Tecmo Super Bowl 2015. Yes, everyone’s favorite NES classic sports game is still alive and well, and has been living on in the ROM world for quite some time. While Tecmo has since moved on, devoted fans have taken the ROM and updated team rosters, introduced gameplay improvements, and even tweaked features over the year, hoping to keep Tecmo Super Bowl relevant, while still looking awesome.

This year’s update, for example, includes an updated roster (as of Sept. 2nd), tweaks to Pass Control and Passing Accuracy, and support for the 4-3 defensive scheme. Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 also includes an adjustable quarter length setting and a way for players to edit playbooks in-game.

Even though Madden has pushed further and further into the photorealistic realm, most gamers still hold a certain fondness for Tecmo Bowl. For many it was their first experience with a virtual sports game, and the game’s simplistic nature still holds some grand appeals today. Gamers interested in checking out Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 for themselves can head here.

What was your first experience with a virtual sports game? Also, feel free to share your GIFerator creations in the comments below.

Madden NFL 15 is out now for current and last-gen platforms.

Source: TecmoBowl.org, GIFerator