New details on Techland’s next open world fantasy RPG emerges thanks to a funding announcement made by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development’s GameINN program.

The development studio Techland had a very successful 2016, launching a substantial update and expansion to its open world zombie game Dying Light. Its been just about a year since The Following released to positive reviews from both consumers and critics alike, though what the studio is up to next is still a mystery. A few extra details have slipped out thanks to a recent funding announcement made by an organization which helps Polish game studios working on a number of technical projects.

According to Eurogamer Poland, Techland recently received 4.5 million zł (USD $1 million) from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development’s GameINN program. This year, the European Union sponsored initiative will reward $115 million to Polish game developers for a number of different technical initiates. While the games themselves are not detailed, the short technical descriptions provide a number of new insights.

Dying Light re-adds mods

Techland’s proposal was to “develop innovative technologies to promote the effective production of high-tech gaming AAA.” Specifically, the studio is looking to “prototype interaction with opponents of unusual size” for an upcoming first person open world fantasy RPG using DirectX12 technology as well. While this is the first peice of actual information on the mysterious title, fans were clued in to its actual existence earlier this year during a brief announcement at the Digital Dragons event by Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka.

On paper, this sort of description reads either like a Monster Hunter style game, or perhaps a new take on a game similar to Shadow of the Colossus where the player takes on creatures much larger than itself. Considering that Damien Monnier, lead gameplay designer on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is now with the Warsaw team at Techland, it would seem that fans can start to piece together parts of the puzzle.

Speaking of CD Projekt RED, the developer best known for its Witcher series of games managed to score the most funding at $7 million. The studio earned this funding for its proposal for seamless multiplayer and living cities, an idea that would make sense in the upcoming title, Cyberpunk 2077. The Sniper: Ghost Warrior studio, CI Games, also earned sizable funding in order to create advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to help generate realistic crowds and herds of animals.

Other smaller Polish studios were handed money as well. The Farm 51, who launched Necrovision and Painkiller, are working on advanced ballistics technology, while Shadow Warrior developer Wild Hog Studios is working on a new graphics engine.

Are you excited to see what Techland has up its sleeves? When do you think the studio will be ready to announce this open world fantasy game?

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