Secret 'Team Fortress 2' Project & 'Meet The Pyro' Video Coming Soon

New Project and Meet The Pyro Coming for Team Fortress 2

Valve's quirky, cell-shaded, and highly addictive team based first person shooter, Team Fortress 2, still has surprises in store for his in the future. Unfortunately, Valve isn't speaking on any of the details except to say that it's "really cool" and that it has nothing to do with new maps, new hats, or map-hat hybrids (which boggle the mind).

Team Fortress 2 has achieved a wonderful popularity among the PC group, especially once it had gone free to play, which some fans didn't agree with. All that aside, TF2 is a solid and fun game that everyone should try out at least once.

That said, it will be interesting to consider what kind of feature or addition Valve will be adding to their online shooter. The developer is certainly unafraid to shy away from the ridiculous (with the hats) and given the game's current nature, the cool project might be something outlandish that will add another layer to the gameplay.

For fans of playing Pyro in TF2, Valve has also announced that we will finally "Meet The Pyro"! Yes, the mysterious figure in the flame retardant suit with speech-hindering gas mask will finally get his/her/its time in the spotlight. Valve is also promising there will be blood. Seriously copious amounts of blood, unlike the relative absence of it in the famed Paul Thomas Anderson film, There Will Be Blood starring the talented Daniel Day-Lewis.

If anything, finally seeing the last "Meet The..." video will be truly appreciated in the TF2 fan base, especially with how humorous each entry is. Will the identity of Pyro finally be revealed? Probably not, as that would be the Valve thing to do - to leave us in the dark, that is.

Regardless, Team Fortress 2 is available as a free to play game now on Steam and there's absolutely no excuses to not check it out.

Team Fortress 2 is available now on PC and Xbox 360 and PS3 (Through The Orange Box)


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Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog [via VG 24/7]

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