Headless Horsemann Haunts 'Team Fortress 2' Halloween Update

Headless Horsemann Haunts Team Fortress 2 Second Annual Halloween Special Update

Team Fortress 2 is celebrating Halloween again this year in Valve's 'Second Annu-Hell Scream Fortress Hauntdead Halloween Special'. This year's update brings with it the all-new Mann Manor map, the Haunted Halloween Gift -- a gift box that drops randomly -- and includes Team Fortress's first boss monster, the Horseless Headless Horsemann, in the Mann Manor map.

Combine that with new achievements, last year's Halloween Special achievements being available again, and new items in the Mann Co. Store -- some of which are timed exclusives -- and this update seems pretty special. Then, in the best infomercial-voice possible, that's not all! Another new map is also available as part of the update, the spooky Mountain Lab. Both Mountain Lab and Mann Manor coming from's Art Pass contest.

With new content constantly being added to TF2 by Valve itself, and now community content available too (and with community devs making some serious money from their contributions) it seems like the only real "trick" is on people not playing the game. The "treat" is Team Fortress 2 itself. Seriously, with so much free content and paid goodies available for TF2 it is surprising that other games even need to exist. The game is even available on Mac, so really, gamers do not have much an excuse for missing out on the Halloween fun.

Sure, console gamers appear to be out of luck, but that is really nothing new comparing what PC/Mac gamers get for free with Valve games versus what is available -- and at what price -- for console gamers. While this remains the case for the Halloween Special update, maybe things will change in the future with Valve supporting the PS3 more and saying that Portal 2 will have Steamworks support. In the meantime, PC/Mac gamers continue to receive the treats this Halloween.

What are your thoughts on the Halloween update? Are you excited to face off against the first ever boss monster in TF2? What are you going to be for Halloween? Is still cool to go as a TF2 squad? Let us know in the comments below.

The Second Annual Team Fortress 2 Halloween Special runs from October 27, through November 8.

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