In a bizarre twist of events following the successful release of L.A. Noire, Team Bondi is shutting down. Producing one of the (according to charts) best selling new IPs in the UK, a top seller on American charts, as well as in Japan, just wasn’t enough to keep this company afloat. With their shady past involving work ethics and bankruptcy is it really a surprise though?

Not long after the release of LA Noire, Team Bondi was making news headlines again, this time it wasn’t for their game. Complaints were flying in accusing Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara of creating a hostile work environment, deemed by one ex-employee as “one of the angriest people in the world.” Forcing employees to work long overtime hours without pay was just one of the complaints.

With some staff leaving their job and voluntarily becoming unemployed and complaints still coming in, the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) finally stepped in with a full investigation.

Celebrations of their successful release had to be put on halt again. Not even two months after the investigation, Team Bondi declared bankruptcy and was bought by KMM Studios. With Team Bondi being bought out and Rockstar still owning the rights to LA Noire, the future of the series is uncertain. Though it’s safe to say that Team Bondi’s future isn’t looking so great.

According to papers filed to the Australian Securities And Investments Commission earlier today, Team Bondi is officially closing its doors. Details of the paper include, “Special Resolution to Wind Up Company,” “Notification of Appointment of Liquidator (Creditors),” and a “Notification of Resignation or Removal of Administrator Of.”

What went wrong? Was it too ambitious spending seven years in development for the new company? Or was the hostile work environment and leadership issues what made them fall apart?

Source: Edge