Every Tameable Mob In Minecraft, Ranked

Out of all the tools at the player’s disposal in Minecraft the most interesting and often most useful are the various tameable mobs the player can encounter or create. These animals and creatures can provide helpful abilities that the player would not otherwise have and can dramatically improve the player’s ability to build, mine, and survive.

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12 Foxes

The only way to tame a fox is to breed two adults and the kit will ‘trust’ the player. Foxes will attack any mob that threatens the player, but are too weak to be effective deterrents.

The downsides to foxes is that they will kill chickens and rabbits and can jump the fences players use to protect said animals.  They also have a habit of snatching any items left on the ground. Interestingly a fox will gain the benefits of whatever weapon is in their mouth which would be useful in combat if they didn’t die so quickly.

11 Ocelot

Ocelots are similar to foxes in that they aren't directly controllable, but provide benefits to the play. They also attack chickens and can kill them through fences, but they leave rabbits alone. What makes an Ocelot more useful is that their presence will ward off Creepers and Phantoms who will keep a 16 block distance.

Keeping a few in fenced off areas around your base is a good way to keep these hostile mobs at bay, though once an opening is created they will eventually run off.

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10 Snow Golem

Snow Golems are constructed with snow blocks and pumpkins. They hurl snowballs at hostile mobs or those who provoke them. The snowballs don’t do a lot of damage, but they do cause knockback which can be useful. They also produce snow when they walk.

The downside to these beings is they will also attack neutral mobs like sheep, chickens, pigs, etc. They will also die in hot biomes, water, and rain limiting them to dry tundra areas or indoor use.

9 Iron Golem

Iron Golems are powerful creatures crafted with iron blocks and a pumpkin, spawn naturally in large enough villages, or appear in cages at pillager villages. These mobs are among the heaviest hitters in the game doing incredible damage and knockback.

Unfortunately, they tend to wander off to the nearest village so players must corral them with walls or use leashes. They will not attack creepers and iron golems have been known to turn on each other if they accidentally strike one another in combat.

8 Parrot

Parrots can be tamed with seeds and told to sit, follow the player around, or perch on the player’s shoulder.

What makes the parrot useful is that it will imitate the sounds of any mobs that are within a 20 block radius, including hostile mobs. This can be an effective warning system as the parrot will imitate the sounds hostile mobs make when they get close. Many players like having a few stationed around the perimeter of the base or while traveling. Just don’t feed them cookies.

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7 Cat

Cats spawn in villages that have at least four beds and a villager. A black variant will also spawn in witch’s huts.  Cats can be tamed and bred with fish and will follow the player or sit after being tamed.

Their main perk is similar to Ocelots in that Creepers and Phantoms will not approach them. They also provide their owners with gifts like string, feathers, raw chicken, and even Phantom Membranes whenever the player sleeps.

6 Wolf

Wolves appear in forests and taiga biomes in packs. They are neutral unless attacked and can be tamed with bones and bred with meat. Once tamed it will follow the player, sit, and attack mobs hostile to the player.

Another benefit with wolves is that skeletons will avoid them like Creepers will with cats. Having a pack of both wolves and cats in your base or  accompanied by both when traveling is a safe way to go.

5 Horse

As useful as defensive mobs are, transportation mobs like Horses are much more helpful in the long run. You will likely do a lot of exploring in this game and that involves a lot of long distance traveling, especially if your world was built with Large Biomes.

Horses found in plains biomes can be tamed by repeatedly trying to ride it until it stops bucking you off. Horses come with varying stats like health, movement, speed, and jump height which can be improved through breeding. They can also wear armor to improve their durability. This is one of the fastest ways to travel in the game.

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4 Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horses for all intents and purposes are identical to regular horses except they are faster, more durable, harder to find, and look cooler. A skeleton horse is created when a regular horse is struck by lightning and can be tamed in the same way.

They are faster and have the unique ability of being unable to drown allowing the player to ride them across the ocean floor.

3 Donkey

Donkeys are another ridable mob that is also found in plains and tamed by repeatedly trying to ride them. They are slower than horses, but come with the ability to carry chests for up to 15 inventory slots. Having the ability to ride a mob that increases your inventory storage is very, very useful.

Given their shorter stature and slow riding speed they are commonly used in mines to transport gathered materials or carry extra tools.

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2 Llama

Llamas spawn naturally in savanna and mountains biomes in packs of four to six. Llamas are tamed by trying to ride them repeatedly until friendly. They can not be ridden but can be equipped with chests for an inventory space of up to 15 slots. They also spit at hostile mobs doing damage, but their main perk is caravanning.

When you leash one llama up to nine other llamas will follow it. One caravan of 10 llamas can effectively carry 150 slots of items if all tamed and equipped with chests. But you can theoretically lead as many llamas you want. If you lead 10 then each will have 10 llamas in the caravan giving you  100 llamas with a whopping 1,500 slots of inventory. This is the best way to transport massive amounts of items if you’re on a big mining expedition or relocating your base of operations.

1 Mule

The Mule is arguably the most helpful mob in the entire game and your best friend in Survival mode. It is not found naturally and can only be obtained by breeding a horse and a donkey together. The result is an animal that sits between a donkey and horse in terms of speed and able to carry a chest for 15 inventory slots.

Players like to use Mules for building projects around the base as they’ll get there quickly with supplies to do the work or for traveling to other biomes or even the Nether as it can carry helpful items for survival. It is an incredibly versatile and helpful mob for almost any activity.

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