Take-Two Interactive Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick expresses his enthusiasm for Nintendo’s upcoming console, currently known by its codename Nintendo NX.

The console’s existence was confirmed in early 2015, but Nintendo still has yet to reveal concrete details about the Nintendo NX. Even so, that hasn’t stopped industry insiders from discussing the console, with Ubisoft calling it “really great,” and Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently stating that his company is “enthusiastic” about the possibilities of Nintendo NX.

Zelnick said that Take-Two, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games, never wants to count Nintendo out. “We’re believers. […] They do it over and over again. So we feel pretty enthusiastic really.” However, with Take-Two rarely supporting Nintendo consoles with its games, it’s hard to tell if Zelnick’s enthusiasm is genuine.

In Zelnick’s defense, Nintendo did not give third parties much reason to support its latest home console, the Wii U. Wii U has sold poorly so far, and the Big N is already looking to move on to its next hardware venture in the form of the NX. Perhaps if NX has a strong sales presence out of the gate, Take-Two will be convinced to bring some of its popular franchises like BioShock or Grand Theft Auto to the device.


Whether or not NX is going to be more successful than Wii U is anyone’s guess, however. As it stands, Nintendo has revealed next to nothing official on the device, but rumors and possible leaks have offered some insight that may give consumers pause. The latest batch of Nintendo NX rumors, for instance, point to the hardware being a handheld/console hybrid that uses cartridges, detachable controllers, and is not even as powerful as PS4. This is a far cry from the traditional gaming console that many have been expecting, and may not sit well with fans if it’s real.

Even if Nintendo NX isn’t a traditional home console like many may have wanted, there’s still the possibility that it will be successful. If its rumored innovative concepts are real, they may be enough to convince casual consumers to pick up the device. Furthermore, Shigeru Miyamoto has teased that a new Super Mario game is going to be announced at E3 2017, and if it looks impressive enough, it may also go a long way in convincing people to purchase an NX.

Until Nintendo gives NX its proper unveiling, it’s hard to tell if Take-Two’s enthusiasm for the device is misplaced. So far, it seems as though game developers have a generally positive opinion about NX, so hopefully the system doesn’t struggle to amass third-party software like the Wii U did, and is a bigger success for Nintendo.

Nintendo NX will be available in March of 2017.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz