Adding even more credence to a rumor that Grand Theft Auto might be coming to the successor to the Wii, now titled the Wii U, comes word that Take-Two Interactive, publisher of most Rockstar titles is very excited by the new tech.

While Take-Two’s executive VP CEO Karl Slatoff would not confirm if there were any Wii U projects in the works at a Take-Two subsidiary, he did reveal that the company is happy to welcome a new HD console into the market.

Take-Two Interactive, in the past, hasn’t been a publisher that shies away from any console — whether it be a handheld or home device — so their early enthusiasm for Nintendo’s new platform should get many gamers excited.

More specifically, here’s what Slatoff had to say about the Wii U:

“It is an HD platform that has the processing power to develop a compelling triple experience. If it takes hold of the market, that is good for us. So from that perspective, we are very excited about that.”

Still, both the console and any Take-Two titles are a ways off from becoming a reality, so don’t hedge your bets on Grand Theft Auto V being a launch title like was initially rumored.

Realistically, this is just a developer voicing their opinions on the hot new console of the moment in an effort to generate buzz towards future projects — kind of like what Ubisoft did at this year’s E3. Slatoff even added that, contrary to what other developers are doing with the Wii U, Take-Two has no plans to port any of their previously released titles to the Wii U.

If there were to be any Take-Two Interactive titles featured on the Wii U, they would be made with that particular console in mind.

“We are not a big believer in straight ports in general. For us it’s more about developing for the specific capability of each machine. We focus on what the platform brings to bear. For us, if you are really going to do good job, look at the platform itself, analyze the capabilities and develop your game to take advantage of those capabilities and that is the best way to address that audience.”

As was revealed by our hands-on experience with the Wii U, and by Nintendo’s trepidation towards answering too many questions, the console is still a work in progress. Whether or not the console will support multiple Wii U controllers is just one of the many questions that have yet to be answered, and, as such, will keep developers from hammering down concrete titles.

When such a time comes that Nintendo clears the air with their publishers and developers, then we might start to see Take-Two talk about some of the exciting titles they are planning to bring to the Wii U. But rest assured that whatever Take-Two does bring to the Wii U will be a unique experience tailor made for the revolutionary controller.

Which Take-Two Interactive property would you like to see make an appearance on the Wii U?  Do you think developers and publishers’ enthusiasm for the Wii U will help convince the core gamers it is a console worth buying?

Source: Venture Beat