Heading in to E3 2012, each of the big three’s Press Conferences seemed like a perfect fit for Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games to unveil the next trailer, or share more details regarding, Grand Theft Auto 5. While Microsoft’s ability to secure early access to DLC, and Sony’s past history with the franchise, felt like the safer bets, a few bold analysts thought it would be during Nintendo’s presser that Rockstar would show off their latest project.

Unfortunately, as we all know, that scenario never came to pass, and we went another major press event without seeing or hearing anything more about Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar does tend to shy away from big reveals during E3, but the thought was that the developer would want to maximize the excitement for Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U, and deliver a perfect launch title.

But, as it turns out, the verdict is still out for Take-Two Interactive regarding the Wii U’s potential. Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick acknowledges the potential for growth contained within a new console launch, but as far as the Wii U is concerned, he remains skeptical.

As Zelnick tells Gamasutra, new console launches are a chance for new IPs to flourish, and help increase a given publisher’s share of the market. Zelnick believes that Take-Two possesses all the right qualities to help them achieve success once the PS4 and Xbox 720 launch.

It will be during the next-gen that the real winners and losers are sorted out, and Zelnick fully expects his company to be counted amongst the winners. Getting there won’t be as cut-and-dry as gamers might expect, though, as Zelnick reveals no plans to annualize any of their non-sports franchises.

As was said before, new IPs help publishers capitalize on revenue that, with annualized titles, is oftentimes “left on the table.” Yes, Take-Two has its fair share of popular franchises, many of which will release one more title before this console cycle ends, but going forward they are trying something pretty bold.

Whether or not that involves a large selection of titles that will be available for the Wii U is yet to be determined, but at least Take-Two isn’t resting on their laurels.

How do you feel about Take-Two focusing on new IPs rather than pre-established franchises? Does Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Wii U still feel like a possibility?

Source: Gamasutra