Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind many of the Rockstar-developed titles like Grand Theft Auto, has confirmed that two of the developer’s upcoming titles are “still in development.”

In response to a fan question during a quarterly earnings call, the publisher revealed that both Max Payne 3 and Agent are still being worked on, but made no talk of release dates. With Max Payne 3, most gamers figured the game was still in the cards, but hearing that Agent is not dead is very good news.

Set during the Cold War and employing the similar open world sandbox tropes that Rockstar has become known for, Agent seemed like both new and familiar territory at the same time. Unfortunately, aside from a title and a few sparse details, nothing is known about Agent, just that the project is still alive.

Like L.A. Noire before it, Agent may just be that type of Rockstar title that gets a long and thoughtful development process in order to ensure they get all the elements right. That is to say that Rockstar would never rush a title, especially not a new IP, until a whole slew of important items are fulfilled.

Max Payne 3, on the other hand, is a long time coming and a property that gamers have been dying to see since the first screenshots were revealed. Last month there was a small batch of gameplay details revealed, but beyond that gamers were still left waiting and hoping.

We too hope that both Agent and Max Payne 3 release sooner rather than later, but only if they have been given the right amount of development time. Rockstar has never been a developer to push a game out until it is ready, and we don’t imagine either of these titles will be any different. It’s just good to hear that they haven’t been forgotten.

Do you think that Max Payne 3 will hit store shelves some time next year? What would you like to see Rockstar do with Agent to differentiate it from their previous work?

Source: Joystiq