It seems like with every passing month that no news is delivered in regards to Grand Theft Auto 5 the less and less likely it seems that the game will hit its presumed 2012 release date. While most have resigned to the fact that Rockstar Games‘ latest will launch some time next year, that still doesn’t mean the lack of information isn’t any less cause for concern.

That same concern was brought to publisher Take-Two Interactive‘s attention during their quarterly investor call, where GTA 5 dominated the early part of the conversation. As dutifully as he could, CEO Strauss Zelnick dodged every question about Grand Theft Auto 5, specifically how it pertains to Take Two’s revenue projections.

Zelnick’s response essentially boiled down to, “We wouldn’t talk publicly about the way we communicate with our teams internally,” suggesting that even if the publisher hadn’t heard much in the way of progress from Rockstar Games, they wouldn’t be willing to let consumers in on that conversation.

Take-Two also revealed that consumer interest for Borderlands 2 is at a record high with the game ranking only behind Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas¬†as the most pre-ordered game for the publisher. It’s going to take quite a record-breaking haul from all of Take-Two’s forthcoming titles (which includes XCOM: Enemy Unknown and BioShock Infinite) for them to fill the gap left if Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t release within their fiscal year though.

The hope was that Gamescom this month would bring more details about GTA 5, but any chance of that happening was thrown out the window. Now it appears that Rockstar will forgo the press events entirely, and will reveal more about the highly anticipated game much in the same way they dropped the first trailer: whenever the mood strikes.

When do you think Take-Two might announce release date for Grand Theft Auto 5? Will it be a late 2012, early 2013, or late 2013 release?