Producer Tak Fujii Leaves Konami

Tak Fujii Leaves Konami

Like any industry, the gaming world plays host to its own share of enigmatic characters. From Hideo Kojima to Peter Moore, there are numerous icons who are recognized by gamers and non-gamers alike. One figure in particular that those in the industry will likely recognize is Konami producer Tak Fujii.

Known for his work as a producer on titles like Ninety-Nine Nights II and his role in bringing Western titles to Japanese markets, there were few names at Konami more recognizable than Tak Fujii. Due in large part to his sense of humor and the light-hearted tone with which he presented his work, Fujii had a knack for playing the class clown. It is sad news then, to learn that he has departed from Konami.

Announced in a tweet yesterday, Fujii bid his fans adieu, thanking them for 20 years of support. At this point, he does not seem to have any immediate plans for jumping into a new position within the industry as he stated in a later tweet that he "will be freelance for a while." Having included a link to LinkedIn in his Twitter profile, it seems likely that his goal is to remain within the industry, but at what capacity remains to be seen.


Between Ubisoft's Jade Raymond and Destiny writer Joshua Rubin, the year has seen quite a few recognizable names shifting within the industry. While some might look for a change of pace, it's likely that Tak Fujii will remain within the gaming world. As evidenced by his enthusiasm for the medium, it's hard to imagine him doing anything else. Having worked as an audio director on Pro Evolution Soccer and showing a knack for music composition, it's entirely possible that his next venture could be in the auditory realm.

Whether he remains within the gaming industry or not, there's no denying that Tak Fujii's upbeat persona will be missed at Konami as they move ever-closer to the release of Metal Gear Solid 5 and the hotly anticipated Metal Gear Online. No matter what he ends up doing, it will no doubt be with great enthusiasm and for that reason, we wish Tak Fujii the best of luck in whatever his future endeavors may be.

What was your favorite of Tak Fujii's "extreme" moments? Do you think he will remain within the gaming industry?


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