Top 10 Zombie Games - Resident Evil first zombie

Top 10 Zombie Video Games

Zombies are some of the most popular enemy types in video gaming, with countless games released starring the living dead. But which zombie games are the best?

Permadeath in Gaming Header

Top 10 Permadeath Games

With a resurgence of permanent death mechanics in video games over recent years, we take a look at ten of the best permadeath video games of all time.

ZombiU Review

'ZombiU' Review

Ubisoft's 'ZombiU' may be the most 'hardcore' video game on the Wii U but does it deliver a worthwhile survival horror experience? Read on for our review.

ZombiU Wii U GamePad Map

'ZombiU' Multiplayer Hands-on Preview

One of the major exclusive third-party launch titles for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console is ZombiU, a zombie game from Ubisoft that makes use of the tablet GamePad in both single-player and multiplayer. We played it and here are our impressions.