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PewDiePie Copyright Strike from Firewatch Dev Accepted

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Game Industry Turning on PewDiePie After Incident

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Markiplier Named Most Influential Gamer

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GR Pick: Robot Wrestling is Even Better Than it Sounds

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Streamer ICE Poseidon Swatted in Public Once Again

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Gaming Videos Viewed More Than Netflix, HBO, ESPN, Hulu

By Maxwell Jeffery | 6 months ago

A Brief Breakdown of the JonTron Racism Controversy

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Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo's 2nd Most Popular Vid

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PewDiePie's Horror YouTube Show Canceled

By Cody Gravelle | 8 months ago

PewDiePie Dropped by Disney Following Insensitive Jokes

By John Jacques | 8 months ago

FIFA Gambling YouTubers Plead Guilty

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