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Orgarhythm Review

'Orgarhythm' Review

Read our 'Orgarhythm' review to find out if developer Acquire delivered a must-play rhythm strategy game on the PS Vita.

The Last Story Art

'The Last Story' Review

Read our review of 'The Last Story' to find out if Hironobu Sakaguchi's latest game is a fitting swan song for the Wii, or if this JRPG was better off left overseas.

Way of the Samurai 4 Spring Harvest Move

'Way of the Samurai 4' Review

Read our 'Way of the Samurai 4' review to find out if the latest installment in the series is still worth a purchase - despite a number of poor design choices.

Ys Origin Review

'Ys Origin' Review

The latest addition to the Ys franchise, 'Ys Origin,' may have been delayed getting to North American shores, but does this mean it's too late to grab our attention, or is it everything fans have been waiting for? Read our review.

Sumioni Demon Arts Review

'Sumioni Demon Arts' Review

XSeed has brought the intriguing Vita title 'Sumioni: Demon Arts' over to North America but does the game, which lets you wield the power of ink god Agura, deliver a worthy experience? Read our review.

XSEED To Publish Vita Game 'Sumioni: Demon Arts'

XSEED games has announced today that they will be bringing the very intriguing platformer 'Sumioni: Demon Arts' to the PlayStation Vita next year. So get ready to paint the town red and you use paintbrush strokes to defeat your enemies!