Twisted Metal

Top 5 Video Game Clowns - Sweet Tooth clown feature

Top 5 Video Game Clowns

In light of Stephen King's It movie dominating at the box office and random clown sightings being reported, we name the five best clowns in video game history.

Weekly Video Game News Roundup April 7 13th

Weekly Video Game News Roundup: April 13th

In the April 7th – 13th roundup we discuss the best Spidey game yet, a possible LucasArts MMO at E3, the first concept art for 'Wasteland 2,' the truth behind 'Project X Zone,' loads of new content coming to 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City' and so much more.

Weekly Video Game News Roundup: April 1st

In the March 23rd - April 1st roundup we discuss free-to-play 'World of Mercenaries' and 'Phantasy Star Online 2,' a not so surprising 'Angry Birds Space' update, MLB.TV, a secret Namco Bandai project, and so much more!

Monthly Game Guide March

The Game Rant Game Guide: March 2012 Edition

As March comes begins, we at Game Rant detail what we'll be playing this month, as well as give you, the readers, a comprehensive list of games releasing this month. Join us, and let us know what you'll be playing in March!

Twisted Metal Review Sweet Tooth Face

'Twisted Metal' Review

'Twisted Metal,' the king of vehicular manslaughter games is back, but does this PS3 exclusive recapture the iconic car-combat magic of the series' earlier installments? Read our review.

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