Thor God of Thunder Nintendo 3DS Review

'Thor: God of Thunder' 3DS Review

Long after its console brethren, 'Thor: God of Thunder' has finally landed on the Nintendo 3DS. Is the Norse god's 3DS debut an electrifying one or does it fail to spark any interest? Read our review.

'Thor: God of Thunder' Launch Trailer

With 'Thor' hitting theaters Friday, the 'Thor: God of Thunder' tie-in video game released yesterday alongside a new trailer. Will Thor break the trend of failed Marvel movie tie-ins?

Corrupted Saves: God of Thor

This week's Thor-Mortal Kombat-God of War edition of Corrupted Saves gets all Old Testament-y and shows that at least one god is a jealous, vengeful one.

Nintendo Confirms Upcoming Wii Games

There hasn't really been a must-own Wii title since the holidays, so owners are likely waiting for something to get them through the Summer drought. It seems they may be out of luck.

Thor Video Game Trailer Revealed

The first official trailer of gameplay footage for Sega's movie tie-in game 'Thor' premiered at the Spike Video Game Awards. Is this another Marvel movie tie-in failure?

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