Game Rant Video Game Trailer Roundup Hitman Absolution Lollipop Chainsaw Awesomenauts Ghost Recon

Video Game Trailer Roundup: May 4

Hungry for video game trailers? We've rounded-up some great videos from this week including 'Lollipop Chainsaw,' 'Hitman: Absolution,' 'SSX,' 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon,' 'Diablo 3,' 'Awesomenauts,' and more!

Game Rant Video Game Trailer Roundup Diablo 3 MechWarrior Tactics Project X Zone StarHawk FIFA 12 SSX

Video Game Trailer Roundup: April 27

Take a gander at the debut trailers for 'Project X Zone,' 'MechWarrior Tactics,' and 'Reset' along with new videos for 'SSX,' 'Ghost Recon: Future Soldier,' 'The Witcher 2,' 'FIFA 12' and many more in this week's Video Game Trailer Roundup!

Monthly Game Guide March

The Game Rant Game Guide: March 2012 Edition

As March comes begins, we at Game Rant detail what we'll be playing this month, as well as give you, the readers, a comprehensive list of games releasing this month. Join us, and let us know what you'll be playing in March!

Weekly Game Trailer Roundup March 2

Weekly Game Trailer Roundup: March 2

The Weekly Game Trailer Roundup for March 2nd features new videos from 'Hitman: Absolution', 'Unit 13', 'Ghost Recon Online', 'Shoot Many Robots', 'SSX', as well as a blooper real of Tim Schafer joking around.

SSX Review

'SSX' Review

EA Sports' attempt to reboot their storied snowboarding franchise is finally here, but does 'SSX' bring new life to the genre or seal its fate? Read our review to find out.

SSX Xenoblade Chronicles BlackSpace Witcher 2 Bitter Sam Wheels of Destruction Trailers

Weekly Game Trailer Roundup: February 24

This week's Weekly Game Trailer Roundup features The Witcher 2, SSX, BlackSpace and a few more titles that the public might not be readily familiar with. Fear not, that's what trailers are for.

SSX Demo Impressions

'SSX' Demo Impressions

The playable demo for the technically-hefty 'SSX' has finally arrived! Read on for our thoughts on what's been shown so far, and our hopes for the full game.

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