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Bayonetta 3 Teased by Hideki Kamiya

By Dalton Cooper | 2 weeks ago

Check Out Sonic Mania's Intro Running on Genesis

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Sonic Mania PC Drops Always Online Requirement

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Sonic Mania is the Highest-Rated Sonic Game in 15 Years

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Hurry Up And Watch The Sonic Mania Launch Trailer

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Sonic Mania Delayed on PC

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Genesis Flashback Sent Out Faulty Units to Reviewers

By Rory Young | 2 months ago

Knuckles Drops Truth Bombs in Sonic Boom TV Show

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Sonic Mania Has Sonic CD Style Bonus Stages

By Curt Hutson | 2 months ago

Bayonetta Series Releasing on Nintendo Switch?

By Kyle Sledge | 3 months ago

Sonic Mania Release Date Confirmed with New Trailer

By Kyle Sledge | 4 months ago

Bayonetta 3 Discussions Happening at Platinum Games

By Jasmine Henry | 4 months ago

Sonic Forces Custom Protagonist Confirmed

By Rob Gordon | 4 months ago

SEGA Wants to Bring Back 'Major IPs' in Future

By Alexander Pan | 4 months ago

Vanquish Confirmed for PC

By Kyle Sledge | 5 months ago