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Tyranny Review

Obsidian returns to the world of old-school RPG gaming with aplomb through Tyranny, a fantasy epic armed to the teeth with a plot of deception and intrigue.

the political machine 2016

7 Best Political Video Games

Ahead of the United States presidential election, Game Rant ranks up seven of the best political video games, including Civilization 5, Tropico 5, and Crusader Kings 2.

stellaris cover

Stellaris Review

Stellaris combines watertight strategic gameplay with a wonderful sense of exploration to create a thrilling and engrossing spacefaring grand strategy title.

Cities: Skylines After Dark Review

Cities: Skylines After Dark Review

Colossal Order has come out with its first official expansion for Cities: Skylines called After Dark. We take a look to see what a new focus on day and night brings to the city simulator.

Pillars of Eternity header

'Pillars of Eternity' Review

Obsidian returns to its Black Isle roots with the Infinity Engine-inspired 'Pillars of Eternity'. Does the old-school RPG live up to its predecessors?

Cities: Skylines Review

'Cities: Skylines' Review

Colossal Order's 'Cities: Skylines' is an entertaining city building game on a scale like no other, and it may be a perfect replacement for 'SimCity'.

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