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Final Fantasy 14 TV Series Coming to Netflix

By AJ Caulfield | 1 month ago

Nintendo is Pursuing Streaming Deals for the Switch

By Brad Jones | 2 months ago

No, Resident Evil Isn't Getting A Netflix Series

By Dalton Cooper | 2 months ago

Nintendo Switch Won't Support Multimedia At Launch

By Boston Blake | 3 months ago

Nintendo Switch May Not Have Netflix Support

By Sarah Fields | 4 months ago

Netflix Releases Infinite Runner With Show Characters

By Riley Little | 4 months ago

See Crash Bandicoot in the Skylanders Netflix Show

By Dalton Cooper | 6 months ago

Skylanders Netflix Show Gets a Trailer

By Kyle Sledge | 7 months ago

Netflix Raises Streaming Price

By Dalton Cooper | 2 years ago

Netflix Developing The Legend of Zelda TV Series

By Christopher Gates | 2 years ago

4K PS4 & Xbox One Coming This Year?

By Kyree Leary | 2 years ago

Netflix Showcases Oculus Rift Interface Test

By Jasmine Henry | 3 years ago

Xbox One June Update

By John Jacques | 3 years ago

Microsoft Removing Netflix and Hulu Pay Wall

By Anthony Taormina | 3 years ago

Redbox Instant Coming Soon to Xbox 360; Later Gaming Platforms TBA

By Brian Sipple | 4 years ago