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Minecraft and Power Rangers Collide in New DLC

By Riley Little | 7 hours ago

55 Million People Play Minecraft Every Month

By Kyle Sledge | 4 weeks ago

Minecraft Announced for Nintendo Switch

By Kyle Sledge | 2 months ago

Minecraft Announces Fallout-Themed DLC

By Jasmine Henry | 3 months ago

Steve Carell Set to Join Minecraft Movie?

By Maxwell Jeffery | 4 months ago

Minecraft: The Exploration Update Goes Live

By Boston Blake | 4 months ago

Minecraft Cross-Platform Play on PS4, Xbox One, Mobile

By Jasmine Henry | 6 months ago

Minecraft Oculus Rift Support Arriving Soon

By Dalton Cooper | 8 months ago

Minecraft Crossplay: The Friendly Update

By Dalton Cooper | 10 months ago

Destiny Levels Recreated Using Minecraft

By Weston Albert | 10 months ago

Minecraft Wii U YouTube Videos Hit by Copyright Claims

By Dalton Cooper | 10 months ago

Price of Minecraft Going Up In Several Regions

By Rob Gordon | 10 months ago

Minecraft 1.9 Update Adds Shields, Shulkers, and More

By Rory Young | 1 year ago

Minecraft February Update Details

By John Jacques | 1 year ago

Minecraft: Education Edition Announced

By Rob Gordon | 1 year ago