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Report: Half-Life 3 May Never Release

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Half-Life 3 Could Have Been an RTS, Says Insider Source

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Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Announcement 10 Year Anniversary

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Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Leaves Valve

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Half-Life 3 Will Not Support VR, Says Valve

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Mad Max Half-Life 3 Easter Egg

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4 Games Stuck in Development Hell

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Warren Spector Talks Cancelled ‘Half-Life’ Episode
Warren Spector Talks Cancelled ‘Half-Life’ Episode

Warren Spector's 'Half-Life' Episode

By Christopher Gates | 2 years ago

Half-Life 2 Visual Mod Coming Tomorrow

By Sarah Fields | 3 years ago

Half-Life 3 Will 'Move Forward'

By Christopher Gates | 3 years ago

Half-Life VR Not in Development

By Jasmine Henry | 3 years ago