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Blizzard Creating Esports Arena in Los Angeles

By Jasmine Henry | 2 weeks ago

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Paris 2024 Olympics Could Include Esports

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Call of Duty Could Get Its Own Overwatch League

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Overwatch Pro Banned for Trying to Get Fans to Cheat

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eSports Caster Steps Down After Leaked Photo Scandal

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eSports Will Become Olympic Sport in 2022

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GR Pick: Super Smash Bros Melee Match Won in Style

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University of Utah Getting eSports Scholarship

By Rob Gordon | 6 months ago

NBA Announces eSports League with Take-Two

By Rob Gordon | 7 months ago

Overwatch's eSports League Hopes to Emulate NFL, NBA

By Jason Gallagher | 11 months ago

Will Overwatch Push eSports To New Heights?

By Alexander Pan | 1 year ago

EA Announces Three e-Sports Competitive Levels

By Rob Gordon | 1 year ago

Xbox Boss: 'eSports Can Be as Big as Regular Sports'

By Jasmine Henry | 1 year ago

Shaq Sponsors a League of Legends Team Now

By Cody Gravelle | 2 years ago