E3 2012

Best of E3 2012 Award Winners

Game Rant’s E3 2012 Awards: Winners

After reflecting back on what we saw and what we played at E3 2012, we've finalized the winners for the Game Rant’s E3 2012 Awards. Read on to see what impressed us the most at the show.

PlanetSide 2 E3 Impressions

'PlanetSide 2' Preview

'PlanetSide 2' is the next free-to-play MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment, and after spending some time with the game at E3, it is clear that the massive shooter is living up to the lofty expectations set by its predecessor.

Enemy Front E3 Preview

'Enemy Front' Preview

City Interactive looks to bring some of old Hollywood's WWII heroics back to the FPS genre with 'Enemy Front,' one man's adventure behind enemy lines crafted by the creator of 'Black.'

XCOM Enemy Unknown E3 Preview

'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' Preview

The spiritual successor to the turn-based 'X-Com' franchise is nearing completion, but is 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' a worthy addition? Read our thoughts on their E3 2012 preview.

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