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Team Liquid Wins The International 7

By Cody Gravelle | 4 days ago

Valve Announces Dota Card Game

By Rory Young | 1 week ago

Dota 2 Details Massive Changes for Update 7.0

By Cody Gravelle | 8 months ago

Valve is Charging for User-Created Content Again

By John Jacques | 1 year ago

DotA 2 Breaks Breaks Record

By Rob Gordon | 2 years ago

Valve Confirms Free-to-Play and Dota Store for ‘Dota 2’

By Matt Rowland | 5 years ago

‘DOTA 2’ Will Be Free-To-Play, With a Twist

By John Jacques | 5 years ago

Blizzard Taking Valve to Court Over ‘DOTA’ Name

By Brian Sipple | 6 years ago

Dota 2 Servers Upgraded, Prepare for Beta Invites

By Alex Sebenski | 6 years ago

Blizzard Designer Officially Announces Release Date of ‘DotA’

By Isaac Calon | 6 years ago

‘Dota 2’ Gameplay Screenshots Reveal Familiar Faces in Action

By Alex Sebenski | 6 years ago

Dota 2

By Alex Sebenski | 6 years ago

Blizzard Offers ‘DotA’ Update: Still on Track; Underwent Major Changes

By Ryan Blanchard | 6 years ago

‘Defense of the Ancients: Allstars’ Developer IceFrog Speaks on Dota 2

By Anthony Taormina | 7 years ago

Valve Trademarks ‘DOTA’, Still No Official Announcement

By Rory Young | 7 years ago