Diablo 2


Diablo 2 Remaster in the Works?

A job listing on Blizzard's website points to the possibility of there being a remaster in the works for the publisher and developer's popular action-RPG, Diablo 2.

Diablo 15 Year Anniversary

'Diablo' Is 15 Years Old

'Diablo' celebrates 15 years of being in the industry spotlight and a part of many gamers' lives. Blizzard has launched a website celebrating the game's anniversary.

Potential New Diablo III Character Classes

Four out of the five Diablo III classes have been announced: The Monk, the Barbarian, the Wizard and the Witch Doctor. It's only natural that we rampantly speculate on what will be that final class.

Diablo II Gets 1.13 Patch and Ladder Reset

It may be time to dig that wrist brace back out, as in an interesting move of continued support, Blizzard has released Patch 1.13 for Diablo II and reset the DII ladders on Battle.Net