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observation review

Observation Review

Inspired by sci-fi classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Observation delivers an unnerving story with a creepy atmosphere that goes to waste thanks to poor gameplay.

best indie games e3 2016 we happy few

Best Indie Games at E3 2016

While there were some major gaming announcements made during E3 2016, the showfloor was also filled with some memorable indie titles. Here are a few we're most excited about.

enter the gungeon review game rant dodge roll devolver

Enter the Gungeon Review

Enter the Gungeon is a charming bullet hell/roguelike hybrid that manages to balance the best elements of both its genre influences while carving out an identity of its own.

Not A Hero Header

'Not A Hero' Review

Roll7's 2D shooter 'Not A Hero' may occasionally frustrate, but nonetheless offers a fantastic, fluid and vibrant indie challenge full of bizarre humor.

Titan Souls Key Art

'Titan Souls' Review

'Titan Souls' offers an enjoyable torture as players take a series of incredibly difficult Titan boss fights with limited mechanics and only a single arrow.

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