Civilization 5

the political machine 2016

7 Best Political Video Games

Ahead of the United States presidential election, Game Rant ranks up seven of the best political video games, including Civilization 5, Tropico 5, and Crusader Kings 2.

Civilization V Review - Chichen Itza

Review: Civilization V

Much like any Civilization game, 'Civilization V' will eat away at your time without your realization. Will you come away from the experience remorseful, or ready for more?

Amazon's Top Ten Games of E3 2010 sent out a list of the top ten games of E3 2010, and it's actually pretty good. Take a look at the list, and read Game Rant's commentary on each game, inside.

2K Games Announce Civilization V

2k Games have announced that the guys over at Fireaxis Games are currently hard at work on Civilization V, the latest addition to Sid Meir's increasingly popular turn-based society-building series