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'Halo 2's Lockout Map Revealed For 'Master Chief Collection'

By Andrew Dyce | 3 years ago

Rumor: 4 'Halo' Games Coming in 2014

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Halo 4 (Forge Locations)

By Andrew Dyce | 5 years ago

‘Halo 4’ Forge Details Released

By Andrew Dyce | 5 years ago

Crimson Alliance

By Jeff Schille | 6 years ago

A New Look At Certain Affinity’s ‘Crimson Alliance’

By William Case | 6 years ago

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack

By Riley Little | 6 years ago

Bungie Done with Map Packs, Still Involved with Reach For Now

By Jon Lavallee | 6 years ago