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Halo 'Mixed Reality' Experience Revealed

By Maxwell Jeffery | 2 weeks ago

Halo VR Experience in Development, Microsoft Confirms

By Jasmine Henry | 2 months ago

Halo Fan Game Given Approval by 343 industries

By Mark Knapp | 4 months ago

Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare DLC Revealed

By John Jacques | 4 months ago

343 Industries Gives Update on Halo 6

By Rob Gordon | 4 months ago

Halo Has New Head of FPS Production

By Dalton Cooper | 5 months ago

Halo Fan Creates Real Life Cortana Hologram

By John Jacques | 5 months ago

Halo Wars Studio Head Dan Ayoub Leaves 343 Industries

By Anthony Taormina | 5 months ago

Halo 6 Won't Be Shown at E3 2017

By Kyle Sledge | 5 months ago

Halo 3 Not Getting PC or Anniversary Treatment

By Weston Albert | 6 months ago

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Getting Stand-Alone Release

By Cody Gravelle | 6 months ago

Halo 3 Coming to PC, According to AMD Leak

By Dalton Cooper | 6 months ago
GR Pick: Rubik’s Cube Recreated in Halo 5
GR Pick: Rubik’s Cube Recreated in Halo 5

GR Pick: Rubik's Cube Recreated in Halo 5

By Kyle Sledge | 7 months ago

Halo Wars 2 Will Receive New Campaign Missions

By Riley Little | 7 months ago

The Next Halo Will Have Split Screen Mode

By Dalton Cooper | 8 months ago

No Ranked Multiplayer for Halo Wars 2 at Launch

By Brad Jones | 8 months ago