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BioShock Anniversary Collector's Edition Costs $200

By Kyle Sledge | 2 days ago

WWE 2K18: The Rock is Now a Music Producer

By Riley Little | 5 days ago

Tales From the Borderlands' Sales Too Poor for a Sequel

By Kyle Sledge | 2 weeks ago

WWE 2K18 Officially Hitting Nintendo Switch

By Riley Little | 1 month ago

WWE 2K18: Cover Star Revealed

By Cody Gravelle | 2 months ago

Borderlands 3 Listed by Retailer

By Dalton Cooper | 2 months ago

Take-Two Teases New Game From a Big 2K Franchise

By Brad Jones | 3 months ago

Civilization 6 Is Adding Persia

By Kyle Sledge | 5 months ago

Borderlands 3 Message Hidden in Gearbox's Battleborn

By Dalton Cooper | 6 months ago

BioShock Creator Reveals New Game Development Studio

By Derek Nichols | 6 months ago

Civilization 6 DLC Adds Australia

By Kyle Sledge | 6 months ago

Mafia 3 Reveals Story DLC Plans

By Kyle Sledge | 7 months ago

BioShock Trilogy Added to XB1 Backward Compatibility

By Kyle Sledge | 8 months ago

Prey Gameplay Trailer Revealed at The Game Awards

By Boston Blake | 9 months ago

XCOM 2 Gets Controller Support On PC

By John Jacques | 10 months ago