T-Pain Cosplays as Tekken 7's Leroy Smith, Looks Amazing

Tekken 7 Leroy Smith

Rapper and music producer T-Pain recently cosplayed as Tekken 7 character Leroy Smith. Leroy Smith was only announced as a Tekken 7 character at EVO 2019 in August and is not yet in the game, but he has quickly built up a fanbase with T-Pain and many other players enjoying his character design.

On Instagram, T-Pain shared images of the Leroy Smith cosplay that he wore to Dragon Con, an annual pop culture event held in Atlanta, GA. The Grammy Award winning musician has every part of Leroy's look down. T-Pain put on a full head of grey dreadlocks, the gold and black sunglasses that make the Tekken 7 character look so cool, as well as a gold and white dragon robe, red pants, and a pair of leopard print shoes. He also has on a huge medallion and uses a black and gold walking cane, just like Leroy Smith.

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In another Instagram post, T-Pain explained that Dragon Con 2019 was his daughter's first con and his first con where he didn't have to rush off because he was working. The musician thanked fans for allowing he and his daughter to be "fellow fans and cosplayers" while at the event, also confirming that the father and daughter duo had a great time. T-Pain also posted an image of himself jokingly punching Xavier Woods, the WWE wrestler and fellow avid gamer, which also made fans cheer T-Pain on in the comments.

T-Pain isn't the only celebrity gamer out there. Ninja's Fortnite stream with Drake made national news while Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis and That 70's Show actress Mila Kunis are huge fans of World of Warcraft. T-Pain's Good Life collaborator Kanye West also follows the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account suggesting that he is also a big fan of video games.

Few of them go as hard as T-Pain, though. The rapper has also built his own PC gaming rig and some of his newer Instagram posts, published after he got back from Dragon Con, reveal that he only has to get an SLI bridge to complete his setup. T-Pain has streamed on Twitch too and has held a gaming birthday party for his daughter. Fans shouldn't expect this to be the last of T-Pain gaming antics. After seeing the response to his Tekken 7 Leroy Smith cosplay, T-Pain asked fans "who should I go as next time?"

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