System Shock Remastered Turns to Kickstarter for Funding

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NightDive Studios reveals that their upcoming RPG remaster for System Shock is coming to KickStarter very soon through a reveal trailer on its Facebook page.

While the shock series of titles achieved mainstream success back in 2007 thanks to BioShock from Irrational Games, many longtime fans have been wondering when the older System Shock entries would be brought back. Its been 22 years since the original System Shock was released on PC by Looking Glass Studios, a developer that went on to create some truly legendary franchises like Deus Ex, Thief, and many more. Known for resurrecting older IPS, newcomer NightDive Studios is finalizing plans to start working on System Shock Remastered through crowdfunding.

While details have been so far scarce on the Remastered version of the classic first person RPG, NightDive Studios revealed that the game is coming to Kickstarter later in June. Once the crowdfunding campaign kicks off, fans should expect to see some in-progress gameplay and new unreleased details to help get the fanbase energized to see this one become reality.


So far, only a pre-alpha gameplay trailer has been shown off, giving the game a sense of mystery around it. Built on the Unity engine, the developer promises to keep the Remastered version true to the spirit of the originals, even going as far as bringing members of the original System Shock team to help out including original concept artist, Robert Waters.

While NightDive Studios may not be a house hold name, the developer has been pretty busy since being formed back in 2013 by designer Stephen Kick. The company has made a name for itself by obtaining the rights to classic video games which are no longer available, updating them, and then releasing them through digital distribution platforms like Steam. The team has already done this with many classic IPs such as Tex Murphy, Putt-Putt, Wizardry, and most recently, both Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

For fans of the System Shock series in general, news continues to arrive for the upcoming third game in the franchise. One of the original minds behind System Shock, Warren Spector, has joined on with OtherSide Entertainment to assist in developing the new entry. Spector admitted that part of the appeal for joining on with the team was the chance to bring these classic games to a modern audience and getting to show what the antagonist SHODAN has been up to since System Shock 2.

Are you excited to see work being done on the System Shock series once again? What are you hoping to see from the third game in the franchise? Let us know your thoughts below.

While System Shock Remastered does not have a release date yet, a Kickstarter campaign is set to begin on June 29, 2016.

Source: NightDive Studios Facebook Page

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